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Application and research of global grid database designbased on geographic information

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Energy crisis and climate change have become two seriously concerned issues universally. As a feasible solution, Global Energy Interconnection (GEI) has been highly praised and positively responded by the international community once proposed by China. From strategic conception to implementation, GEI development has entered a new phase of joint action now. Gathering and building a global grid database is a prerequisite for conducting research on GEI. Based on the requirement of global grid data management and application, combining with big data and geographic information technology, this paper studies the global grid data acquisition and analysis process, sorts out and designs the global grid database structure supporting GEI research, and builds a global grid database system.


Big data collection, Geographic information, Grid database, Data mining.


Chinese President Xi Jinping delivered a keynote speech at the UN Sustainable Development Summit in the United Nations Headquarters in New York on Sept. 26, 2015, proposing a discussion on establishing a Global Energy Interconnection to facilitate efforts to meet the global power demand with clean and green alternatives. This global initiative has received widespread praise and positive response from the international community.

GEI is an infrastructure platform on which clean energy can be developed, transmitted and used massively worldwide [1]. By definition, it is “Smart Grid + UHV Grid + Clean Energy”. With the explosive growth of the data to be processed, the research on GEI is facing unprecedented opportunities and challenges [2]. However, the existing data management and analysis methods can hardly support the storage, management and analysis of such a large amount of complex and rapidly growing data [3-7]. Gathering and building a global grid database is one of the prerequisites for conducting research on GEI. Therefore, it is urgent to build a global grid database based on geographic information to realize the visual management of power lines, substation facilities, electrical parameters and other information of different voltage levels in different countries. Strengthen the ability on data collection, storage, processing and analysis of the entire value chain, to provide technical support for GEI research.

In this paper, a global grid database based on geographic information is designed and implemented. The paper is organized as follows. Section 2 presents the global grid data acquisition and management mechanism according to big data and geographic information technology. Section 3 sorts out and designs the global grid database structure. A grid data hierarchical simplification algorithm is proposed in Section 4. In Section 5, the applications of the global grid database are presented. Finally, section 6 concludes the paper.

2.Acquisition and processing mechanism of global grid data

2.1.Data content

2.2 Data sources

2.3 Data acquisition and analysis process

3.Global grid database structure design

3.1 Logical architecture design

3.2Program management structure design

3.3Electrical parameters data structure design

4.Grid data hierarchical simplification algorithm

5.Global grid database application


In this paper, aiming at the grid database construction in the context of GEI, taking global grid data as the research object, a set of reasonable data acquisition and processing mechanism are designed by analyzing the global grid data content and data sources. At the same time, a global grid database structure is proposed and the database is constructed. The functions of visual management, data maintenance and statistical analysis based on geographic information are realized. In addition, the integration of database and simulation software is realized, including the management and maintenance of the data required by simulation calculation, data conversion among different software, calling the analysis and calculation function, and the storage and visualization of the calculation results.

It is a great support for the GEI research. The proposed global grid database structure, data acquisition and analysis mechanism based on geographic information are universal and have good promotion value.


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