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Application research on large-scale battery energy storage system under Global Energy Interconnection framework

Binqi Guo1, Meng Niu1,

Xiaokang Lai1Liquan Chen2

1. State Key Laboratory of Operation and Control of Renewable Energy&Storage Systems, China Electric Power Research Institute, Beijing, China

2. The Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China


In the context of constructing Global Energy Interconnection (GEI), energy storage technology, as one of the important basic supporting technologies in power system, will play an important role in the energy configuration and optimization. Based on the most promising battery energy storage technology, this paper introduces the current status of the grid technology, the application of large-scale energy storage technology and the supporting role of battery energy storage for GEI. Based on several key technologies of large-scale battery energy storage system, preliminary analysis of the standard system construction of energy storage system is made, and the future prospect is put forward.


Global Energy Interconnection, Large-scale energy storage, Key technology, Standard system.


  Under the overarching trend of GEI, energy storage technology is the key to improve the large-scale development of clean energy and safe and guarantee the power grid safe and economical. By installing electricity storage units at key nodes of power system, a ‘rigid’ power system of real-time balance could be turned into a ‘flexible’ system to ensure the safe and steady operation of local grid [1,2].

This paper takes a look at widely applied battery energy storage technology, analyzes the current status of power system, and then proposes the supportive role played by battery energy storage under the GEI framework for power system. In addition, the paper introduces the current application of large-scale battery energy storage technology and several key technologies in battery energy storage systems, carries out preliminary analysis on the development of energy storage standard systems, and analyzes the future outlook for the development of battery energy storage technology.

Importance of large-scale battery energy storage under GEI framework

1. Improving the penetration rate of large-scale renewable energy

2. Supporting UHV grid construction

3. Coordinating distributed power sources across regions

4. Increasing the freedom of electric power trading

Current status of large-scale battery energy storage

1. Lithium-ion batteries

2. Flow batteries

3. Lead-carbon batteries

Key technologies of battery energy storage under the GEI framework

1. Battery materials

2. System operation control

3. Monitoring and management

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