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Prospect and key techniques of Global Energy Interconnection Zhangjiakou Innovation Demonstration Zone

Bo Tian 1, Xiaolin Mo 1, Yu Shen1,

Weimin Lei1, Pengliang Xu1

1. State Grid Jibei Electric Power Co.Ltd., Beijing 100054, China


In the background of implementing innovation-driven development strategy and building Global Energy Interconnection, the necessity of building Global Energy Interconnection Zhangjiakou Innovation Demonstration Zone for stimulating economic growth, promoting social development and supporting 2022 Winter Olympics are discussed by analyzing the location advantages of Zhangjiakou and the characteristics of renewable energy in Zhangjiakou. Solutions are put forward in aspects of renewable energy integration in National Wind/Solar/Storage/Transmission Pilot Project, VSC-HVDC transmission of renewable energy and demonstration utilization of renewable energy in the Olympics zone, which could be a reference for problems of large-scale renewable energy in secure integration, outgoing transmission and flexible consumption. And replicable experience for building Global Energy Interconnection will be provided by conducting ±500kV VSC-HVDC Power Grid Demonstration Project, Virtual Synchronous Generator Demonstration Project, Flexible Substation and AC/DC Power Distribution Network Demonstration Project, EV Battery Secondary Utilization Energy Storage Demonstration Project, Smart Grid Demonstration Project of Low Carbon Winter Olympics and other demonstration projects.  


Global Energy Interconnection, Renewable energy, Innovation demonstration, VSC-HVDC, Low Carbon Winter Olympics.


With China’s economic development has entered a new normal, the mode of economic growth is changing from the extensive growth of scale and speed to the intensive growth of quality efficiency, the economic structure is changing from increments expansion to stock adjustment and increments optimization, the economic growth point is changing from the traditional growth point to a new growth point represented by Internet plus, intelligent manufacturing, clean energy, these changes have gradually become the consensus of all social circles. Implement “national innovation driven development strategy”, seize the new round of energy structure adjustment and energy technology change trend, study safe, clean and efficient modern energy technology, building Global Energy Interconnection [1], promote the “electricity centered” energy production and consumption revolution, achieve a green and low carbon development, formulate “China plan” to solve the global energy supply problem, these efforts have aroused wide spread concern and positive response from the whole society. Global Energy Interconnection Zhangjiakou Innovation Demonstration Zone has carried out a lot of exploration in the above aspects.

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